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"Schedule and apparatus for Binet test"
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The Harry H. Laughlin Papers, Truman State University, papers, C-2-4,8

&quote;Schedule and apparatus for Binet test&quote;

[left column] Schedule of Tests: Mental Age 11 Years: 1. Sees absurdity. (3 in 5) 2" a.[underscore] b.[underscore] c.[underscore] d.[underscore] e.[underscore] 2. Sentence: Philadelphia river money. 3. Sixty words in three minutes. 4. Rhymes:- 1" 1. dog 2. mill 3. spring 4. door. 5. Puts dissected sentences together. a.[underscore] b.[underscore] c.[underscore] [right column] Apparatus: 1. Copies of absurdities. 2. " " " dissected sentences. [left column] Mental Age 12 Years: 1. Repeats: 2964375 - 9285164 - 1795847. 2. Defines: Charity -- Justice - Goodness. 3. Repeats: "Children it is necessary to work hard for a living. You must go every morning to your school." "The other day I saw in the street a pretty young dog. Little Maurice has got spots on his apron." "There occurred on that night a frightful tempest with lightning. My comrade has taken cold. He has fever and coughs very much." 4. Resists suggestion. 5. Problems (a)[underscore] (b)[underscore] [right column] Set of lines Problems [left column] Mental Age 15, or Adult Age. 1. Interprets pictures. 2. Change clock hands; 6:20 - 2:56 3. Code: "Come quickly" 4. Opposites: 1. good 2. outside 3. quick 4. tall 5. big 6. loud 7. White 8. light 9. happy 10. false. [right column] 1. Pictures. 2. Codes.

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