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C. Davenport letter to L. Barker about E. Cheever's criticisms of H. Laughlin's views on immigration
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The Harry H. Laughlin Papers, Truman State University, papers, C-4-1,5

C. Davenport letter to L. Barker about E. Cheever's criticisms of H. Laughlin's views on immigration

3. 11, being the total of defects for each nationality rather more significant. These E.C. does not attack. Since E.C.'s attacks have appeared Laughlin has made several analyses by states and found that on the whole they only confirm his earlier results. It is important to recognize that Laughlin has given all of his data in extensive tables. He has concealed nothing and has thrown away no cases, even tho it was necessary to make entries of one or two individuals in the table. Ezekiel Cheever, however, seeks to hide himself under a pseudonym and attempts to destroy the only study of the kind on the load that the country carries on account of recent immigration. He has added nothing constructive to the subject. My conclusion is that this attack on Laughlin is of the general type that Heron made on American biologists and -- in particular on me -- some years ago. Neither attack can be regarded as inspired solely by a desire for the truth, tho each is camouflaged allegations of such desire. In the case of Heron's attack it was easy to find out what was its real basis. I do not know enough about Ezekiel Cheever to judge of it. In your letter you say that he seems to be "out for blood". If justice were done I think he should be allowed to cool off in jail. Sincerely yours, D/G Chas. B. Davenport, Director.

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