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"Alien ancestry of inventors is studied by U.S."
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The Harry H. Laughlin Papers, Truman State University, papers, D-4-2

&quote;Alien ancestry of inventors is studied by U.S.&quote;

Image 1208 NOTE: Many of the headlines on this newspaper are cut off and not relevant to the article I assume was intended for transcribing. I've done the best the include the material as reference points, but will mark as [omis] any missing text. The Weather TH[omis] Increasing cloudiness tonight and Wednesday; slightly warmer tonight. Shifting winds, becoming fresh northeast. Vol. 36. Paid circulation September[omis] Morning, 124,710 Evening, 124,126 [opening bracket]250,836 Sunday[omis] FALL CAS[omis] [score] {1st column]Alien Ancestry of Inventors is Studied by U.S.[centered line] Work Being Done By Eugenics Expert For Immigration Committee. [centered line]Congress to Hear of Brains and Family[centered line] It Appears Results May Be Applied in Admission of Foreigners.[centered line] [bracket]From a Staff Correspondent.[bracket] Washington, Nov. 1 - The admission of immigrants to this country in the future may be based on the inventive ability of their grandfather's neighbors, if studies now being made for the Immigration Committee of the House are accepted as determining, it was disclosed here today. This committee, under the chairmanship of Representative Albert Johnson, of Washington, has considered numerous means of selecting immigrants since immigration restriction came into vogue a couple of years after the World War. At present the nation is permitting the entry of such aliens in proportion to the numbers of the same racial stock in the country back in the nineties. These base years were chosen, according to the general view, with the purpose of favoring among immigrants the so-called Nordic races. Eugenics Expert on the Job. [omis] the committee may adopt are [omis] [2nd column][boxed type]GOOD EVENING [cartoon]The [illegible] system is like an automobile engine. It doesn't run well when it's fed too rich a mixture. [centered dash] Another similarity between human beings and automobile engines might be noted. When an engine knocks the trouble lies within itself. [centered dash] NOVEMBER November slips upon the scene In manner meek and mild As if it were a gentle thing As harmless as a child. Deceitful wretch; Be not misled By momentary smiles, They're worn to hide a cruel soul And diabolic wiles. For all November's seeming calm And kindly attitude There lurks beneath the gentleness A spirit harsh and rude. Some day its nature will arouse And work its bitter spleen On trusting foliage and grass That ventures to be green. Soft, now, indeed November's mood And zephyrlike her breath But comes a day when suddenly She'll breathe a chilling death Upon a world that bravely seeks To wear its summer dress; Will loose the blight of bitter frost, The north wind's bleak distress.[centered dash] It is a wise father who knows when he will have a chance to use the family car.[centered dash] [boxed text] Sun Square Doin's Or The Diary of a Traffic Cop[end boxed text] 8:30 A.M. - Well, they went to their dern ghost party last night. I mean that there [omis] wife[omis] [3rd column] [omis]investigating the Old World [omis] descent of American inventors. This investigation is being conducted for the committee by one Harry H. Laughlin, Described on the post card inquiries now being sent to inventors as an expert eugenics agent. Mr. Laughlin - or Dr. Laughlin, as he is called by the committee chairman - was further disclosed here today as having held the post of eugenics expert for the committee since 192[illegible]. Postcards Sent to Inventors. Dr. Laughlin's inquiry can probably be best described by the data contained on the return postcard now being sent inventors under the frank of Representative Johnson. "The Committee on Immigration and Naturalization of the House of Representatives," says the card [omis], is studying the distribution of inventiveness among American Aliens on the basis of their Old World racial descent. It would be greatly appreciated if you would be good enough to fill out the attached card and return as indicated. No publicity will be given any individual return, but only analyses and statistical summaries will be published. If the person addressed is dead, or is unable to supply the facts asked, it would constitute a valuable service if some of the near kin or acquaintances would supply the necessary data." Asks About Ancestry. The reply side of the card has the customary blanks for name, sex, occupation and place of birth, but gets into the meat of the matter with questions as to the purpose of the inventions and its number, and the Old World racial descent of the inventor and the number of generations his parents' families have been in this country. The question on racial descent is labeled "especially important," and has this further caution: "Do not use the term 'American,' but give descent by race. For example, English, Scotch, Bohemian, German, Swedish, Italian, American Indian, or the like. When of several Old World bloods, (such as American Indian presumably)name the approximate fractional descent of each - thus: 1/2 English, 1/4 German, and 1/4 French, and the like." List of Addresses Restricted. One rather peculiar feature of the inquiry, as stated by the card, is the fact that it is restricted to inventors who were granted patents by the United States between January 1 and March 31 of this year. Inquiries addressed to Representative Johnson as to the exact purpose of the investigation brought somewhat vague explanations. The inquiry is not exactly intended as a basis on which to fix the quota limitations, the Washington Congressman said, and is being conducted largely on the initiative of Dr. Laughlin. The committee, he added, paid out no money in the matter and merely permitted the eugenics expert to use the chairman's franking privilege. Dr. Laughlin is attached to the eugenics record office of the Carnegie Foundation, it was stated, and presumably draws his live-[end of page text] [centered dash] [opening bracket]Continued on Page 7, Column 7[closing bracket] [end]

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