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"Race Mixture," by K.B. Aikman, Eugenics Review (vol. 25:3)
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Cold Spring Harbor, ERO, The Eugenics Review, 25

&quote;Race Mixture,&quote; by K.B. Aikman, Eugenics Review (vol. 25:3)

Race Mixture 165 Southern Kingdom of Judah: race mixture, deterioration; defeat and captivity. Here we have two clean scientific experiments, both on a nation-wide scale. The second may be regarded as a control. Both produced the same result and clearly demonstrated cause and effect. If, in Palestine, the result of this mixing of rather similar races was unfavourable, which cannot be denied, we should expect an even less favourable result when the primary races are crossed. And, indeed, we find that our deductions are justified, and that when a similar experiment is made in modern times history repeats itself. In the United States there was a people, mostly of Caucasian stock like the Israelites, and like them believing in a monotheistic religion and enjoying a relatively superior civilization. The introduction of people of a different race, idolators and of a relatively inferior civilization, has led to racial mixture. The result, in the words of Professor Van Dyke of Princeton University, is "perhaps the greatest and most perplexing problem that any nation has ever had to face." While W. P. Livingstone declared, "so gigantic does the problem appear, so difficult of a peaceful solution, that the nation is helpless in the face of it... It remains, what it has been for a century, the darkest and most menacing cloud on the horizon of national life." Can it be doubted that the many Americans who agree with these writers wish that their nation had devoted more time in the past to the study of eugenics and ethnology and had acted on its results? Possibilities of the Future Any race which is in possession of a land should take all these facts into consideration. Such a race is morally bound to give the closest attention to the effects of race-migration, not only as it affects the present generation of its citizens, but as it affects the future generations, both as regards their heredity and their environment. It is surely of great significance that all the peoples of our own Celtic-Anglo-Saxon stock who have had the most practical experience of these problems are doing their utmost to exclude the Mongolian and Negro races from their countries. I need only refer to recent legislation in Canada, Australia and the United States to show this. But this is much more than an Imperial problem, it affects the future of the white race itself and through it the future of civilization. The Report of the Census Director of South Africa stated that, unless increased by accessions from abroad, the European race in South Africa "must for ever abandon the prospect of maintaining a white civilization, except as a proportionately diminishing minority in the face of an increasing and ultimately overwhelming majority. It may then be forced to abandon its domination or even abandon the country." These are the words of a serious official report and they should make us think. The Negro in the past has not shown any great genius for stable political institutions. The native states established a century ago in South Africa ended in collapse. The Black Republics of Hayti[sic] and Santo Domingo in the West Indies are examples of Negro rule after a considerable degree of white influence and their record is one of wholesale massacre. Even in Liberia, at the present day, slavery and torture are common. Thus, there is good reason to fear that if Africa is to fall back under Negro rule, it will deserve its name - the Dark Continent. When we turn to the Mongolian races of Asia, we must recognize that, speaking practically, that are the most serious menace to the Caucasian race. Even now we are feeling severely the commercial competition of one of them and there is nothing incredible in the idea of another invasion of Europe from the East. It has happened several times before, and evidences of these invasions remain, not only in written history, but in the Hungarians and the Lapps, who are Mongolians, and in the Alpine Sub-race which is Asiatic in origin. We have all heard of the Yellow Peril, and a recent writer expresses his opinion of its reality in three words - [italics]"Ex oriente - Nox!"[end italics] That is one view of the ethnological future. For us it is a gloomy one, but there is another - and you may take your choice - [end]

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