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"Eugenics in Norway," by C.B.S. Hodson, Eugenics Review (vol. 27:1)
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Cold Spring Harbor, ERO, The Eugenics Review, 27

&quote;Eugenics in Norway,&quote; by C.B.S. Hodson, Eugenics Review (vol. 27:1)

44 The Eugenics Review Instituting a careful study to make clear the fundamentals of the problem before embarking on particular research. Hybridization of widely different varieties of rabbit were made and a careful study of the hybrids was undertaken. These showed blending of antagonistic characters was not to be expected, the hybrids presenting a mosaic of the parental points. Part of the bony skeleton may be inherited from one race, part from another, and physiological and psychological aberrations showed similar disharmonies in glandular and other tissues. When study of the offspring of Norwegian Lapps mating with Norwegian Nordics was undertaken, it was towards such indications of disharmony that the research was directed. Physical measurements of 600 Nordics, 600 Lapps and 300 hybrids showed the following points: wider variation amongst the hybrids in stature, facial symmetry, lung capacity and skeletal structure, a higher incidence of diabetes and a loss of immunity from certain diseases. Hand grip also showed greater variation in the hybrids. The question of mental stability or instability was not disregarded, but this difficult diagnosis has not been fully worked out. Mjoen suggests that hybridization amongst races showing great similarity may have considerable value, in that the aptitudes of one superimposed upon those of another may give very valuable combinations, particularly of psychological faculty, so long as the somatic and physiological kinship between the two is sufficiently close for there to be no question of disharmony. The Winderen Laboratory has been a training ground for a small but distinguished body of students, scientific and medical, of human biology and research method, and it is to be hoped that these happy traditions will, in the future, continue not only for the good of Norway but of students of eugenics the world over. [centered scroll graphic] [boxed text] Character and Personality An International Psychological Quarterly Edited by Robert Saudek Contents of March 1935 issue Psycho-Sociological Problems of a Minority Group, by Kurt Lewin ([italics]Cornell University[end italics]). Twin Investigations in the U.S.S.R., by S. G. Levit ([italics]Medico-Biological Institute, Moscow[end italics]). Does Drawing Skill show in Handwriting? By Jan Meloun. Character Types, by Max Dessoir ([italics]Berlin University[end italics]). The Conversation as a Basis for Judgment of Personality, by T. H. Pear and R. H. Manson ([italics]Manchester University[end italics]). The Development Test as Applied to Infants, by H. Hetzer and A. Braun ([italics]Educational Academy, Elbing[end italics]). Congresses, News, Reviews. [italics]Subscription, 7s. 6d. per annum; single copies, 2s.[end italics] London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd. [end boxed text] Eugenics Review, Vol. XXVII, No. 1. [end]

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