ID# 1985:
"Albinism in Man: A Monograph (Part 1)," handwritten manuscript by Karl Pearson, with E. Nettleship and C.H. Usher, published in 1911
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University College London, KP, 204/1

&quote;Albinism in Man: A Monograph (Part 1),&quote; handwritten manuscript by Karl Pearson,  with E. Nettleship and C.H. Usher, published in 1911

[handwritten] 4 [marginalia]excellent policy[end marginalia] medical profession to appreciate the importance to their own and other branches of science of the modern study of inheritance. Not less gratitude also do we bear to those normal and suffering members of albinistic stocks, who occasionally with some reluctance and pain have communicated to us for the sake of science facts which it would have been difficult to ascertain, or to ascertain with any certainty, from other channels. In such matters we can hardly hope for completeness or absolute accuracy; facts have often to be extracted from the very ignorant, or even in the case of cultured stocks from members who have hitherto felt no interest in family history. Again in the case of pathological defect there is always a tendency to minimize or screen[?] the actual taint or correlated abnormalities. Thus even going up to press we have found it needful to add to or correct some of our pedigrees. But such corrections affect as a rule minor points, and we have used all the means in our power by aid of duplicated inquiries, and indirect cross examination to insure accuracy in our results. We cannot, of course, be certain that some slips and inaccuracies may not have survived; all we can assert is that the best that lay in our power has been done, and we have faith that the new [end]

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