ID# 2224:
"The Tichborne Blended Photographs," of Sir Roger Tichborne and man who claimed to be Tichborne
Circa 1885
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University College London, GP, 158/2M

&quote;The Tichborne Blended Photographs,&quote; of Sir Roger Tichborne and man who claimed to be Tichborne

[boxed text] Palpable and Unimpeachable Union on a Mathematical Basis, of the Tichborne Portraits. [centered score] Chili, 1854. England, 1874. [double score] The Identity Demonstrated of Sir Roger Tichborne. [centered score] By William Mathews, Author of "From Chili to Piccadilly with Sir Roger Tichborne." Editor, late of [italics]Weston-super-Mare Gazette,[end italics] &c. [envelope text][stamped]University College London Galton Papers 158/2M[end stamp] [graphic logo] Lowenthall Brothers Photographers 44 Narrow Wine St. Bristol. No. [long underline] Negatives Kept Copies Can Always be Had This portrait may be enlarged to life size [end]

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