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Description of the American Breeders Association (ABA)
Circa 1909
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27.,Amer Breeders Assoc, Eugenics
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Description of the American Breeders Association (ABA)

4. H. J. Webber, Chairman, Plant Section, Ithaca, N. Y. N. E. Hansen, Secretary, Plant Section, Brookings, South Dakota. David Starr Jordan, Chairman, Eugenics Section, Stanford University, Cal. C. B. Davenport, Secretary, Eugenics Section, Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. Annual Meeting. The American Breeders' Association holds an annual meeting, at which are discussed the results of new investigations in heredity and in practical breeding. New plans for breeding different species of plants and different species of animals are also brought forward and discussed. More than forty committees report on the general subjects of research in heredity, cooperation in plant breeding, cooperation in animal breeding, methods of breeding each class of plants and each class of animals and the results of the study of human heredity. Membership. The membership is composed of persons, interested in the breeding of pedigreed animals and pedigreed plants; teachers who give instruction in regard to breeding and heredity; men of science who are investigating questions of heredity: those persons who are interested in the eugenics movement; public officers interested in the improvement of plants and animals; and libraries whose readers are interested in the subjects of heredity, breeding, and eugenics. All such are invited to join the Association. Persons in foreign countries interested in improvement by breeding, and foreign universities, colleges, and academies of science are cordially invited to take membership in the Association. The Eugenics Section. Its Organization. This comprises the interests of the Association that relate to human improvement by a better selection of marriage mates and the control of the reproduction of the defective classes. Its officers are David Starr Jordan, Chairman, and C.B. Davenport, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N. Y., Secretary. With them have

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