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"Gifts received by the Station for Experimental Evolution, May 1, 1904 to Oct. 1, 1905"
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27,Ser 2,CSH-ERO

&quote;Gifts received by the Station for Experimental Evolution, May 1, 1904 to Oct. 1, 1905&quote;

(flows from 510, flows to 512.) 2 foliolatus Cass., Parnassia parviflora DC., Potentilla littoralis Rydb., P. nivea L., Primula farinose L., Ranunculus Macarensis Britton, Sapittaria arifolia Nutt., Saxifraga autumnalis L., S. oppositifolia L., Viola scabiuscula ([obscured]) Schiveria[?] H.F. Roberts, Manhattan, Kans. [strikeout] Live specimens of Bursa Bursa-pastorus (L.) Britton, Megapterium Missouriense (Sims) Spach, Viola pubescens Ait. C.A. Shull, Geology Bldg., U. of C., Chicago, Ill., Seeds and pressed specimens of Bursa Bursa-pastoris (L.) Britton. Live specimens of Bursa Bursa-pastoris L., Sinum cicutaefolium Gruel. J.M. Shull, Edgewood, New Carlisle, Ohio. Seeds of [strikeout] Bursa Bursa-Pastoris (L) Britton, Trifolium Hybridum L., Verbascum Blattoria L. Oenothera sp. S.P. Shull, Kouts, Ind., Bulbs of Tulipa Gesueriana L. T. Smith, Newry, England. Seeds of abnormal Digitalis purpurea L. R.H. True, U.S. Dept. of Agr., Washington, D.C. Seeds of Euphrasia Randii

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