Hereditary Disorders
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"An act to amend the domestic relations law, in relation to prevention of hereditary blindness", New York State Senate, multiple pages (#264)
"A North Dakota dwarf and his sister" (#1011)
"Another Wooly-Hair Mutation in Man," by C.Ph. Schokking, Journal of Heredity (vol. 25), multiple pages (#2312)
Anthropometry of Dwarves at Letchworth Village for the Feebleminded and Epileptic (measurements, family histories, dental charts, and photographs), multiple pages (#2417)
"Baby Doll and The Three Fat Brothers", circus acts (#751)
Bearded woman with hypertrichosis (#906)
Blindness pedigree from the records of the Perkins Institution, multiple pages (#234)
"Blond Indians of the Darien jungle," by R.O. Marsh, World's Work, multiple pages (#731)
Burmese dwarf at Ellis Island (Photograph by Augustus Sherman) (#1537)
C.B. Davenport response to D.P. Murphy, about a study of congenital "monsters" and using miscarriages as an estimate of embryonic lethals (1/15/1934), multiple pages (#1787)
C. Davenport letter to R. Roy, about albinism (#871)