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"Europe as an emigrant-exporting continent," Harry H. Laughlin testimony before the House Committee, including Immigration Restriction Act, multiple pages (#1140)
"Forgery and fraud, rankings of native whites of foreign parentage" (#1247)
Form for studying inheritance of pauperism and criminality (#100)
"Heredity Criminality and its Certain Cure," by Warren Foster, Pearson's Magazine (#90)
"Hovel Type of Source of Defectives," pedigree of epilepsy and feeblemindedness (#1697)
The Jukes in 1915, by Arthur H. Estabrook, selected pages, multiple pages (#1369)
"Massachusetts department of mental diseases exhibits pictures of 59 criminal brains" (#567)
"Mental disorders in twins," 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1088)
"Negroid sane criminals and Negroid civil insane, mosaic of metric differences" (#1243)
"New American criminals, significant offense differences -- native born and foreign", multiple pages (#1245)
"Offense rankings of racial types: murder and assault" (#1249)