Poverty and Degeneracy
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Civil War veteran, field work for The Jukes in 1915, Arthur Estabrook photo post card from Ulster County, New York (#1278)
Clinton Prison, Dannemora, New York, from Arthur Estabrook's field photographs for The Jukes in 1915 (#1275)
Critcal review of Mongrel Virginians, by Abraham Myerson, Mental Hygiene, multiple pages (#1330)
Critical review of Mongrel Virginians ("A really absurd and useless book"), by Abraham Myerson, Annals of the American Academy, multiple pages (#1328)
"Data collected by Miss Devitt, May and Nov. 1915," Eugenics Records Office fieldworker (#131)
"Degenerate Family Cost State Heavily," about rediscovery of Dugdale's charts of real names of Jukes family members (1/18/1912) (#1322)
Degenerate family pedigree, multiple pages (#389)
Dick Johnson (pseudonym) of the Win Tribe, from Arthur Estabrook's scrapbook of field photographs from Amherst County, Virginia (#1260)
"Dr. Crispell of Hurley, N.Y., who helped Dugdale in his study and source of most of his disease, etc., information. AHE" (#1264)
"Elopements from Letchworth Village - January 1, 1912 to January 1, 1918" (#690)
E.R. Evans (Child Placing Agency) letter to A. Estabrook, about the Nam lineage of an adopted child (1/31/1917) (#1451)