Leading Eugenicists
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Anthropometry card of Alphonse Bertillon, who originated this criminal identification system of profile and full-face photos and key body measurements (#2005)
Anthropometry card of Francis Galton, with profile and full-face photos and spaces for key body measurements, taken by Alphonse Bertillon (#2004)
Arthur H. Estabrook (#378)
A. Strode letter to A. Estabrook, plans for making "preliminary investigations" prior to testifying at the Carrie Buck trial (1/6/1924) (#1338)
A. Strode letter to H. Laughlin, requesting a deposition on hereditary feeblmindedness for the trial of Carrie Buck in Amherst, Virginia (9/30/1924), multiple pages (#1336)
"Biological aspects of immigration," Harry H. Laughlin testimony before the House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, multiple pages (#1113)
Biometrika abstracts (vol. 6:4), including Karl Pearson's note on Jamaica race mixing based on observations provided by Isaac Costa (#1999)
"Birth Control Peril to Race, Says Osborn," New York Times (8/23/1932), review of H.F. Osborn's paper at Third International Eugenics Congress, multiple pages (#1808)
"Birth Control Steps Out, A Note on the Senate Hearing," by Margaret Sanger, People (April 1931), multiple pages (#1606)
Brochure advertising Mongrel Virginians, by Arthur H. Estabrook and Ivan E. McDougle, multiple pages (#1325)
Bust of C. Davenport, 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1057)