Mendelian Heredity
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Charles Davenport letter to Karl Pearson, emphasizing his break with Bateson and De Vries on environmentally induced mutations (7/7/1903), multiple pages (#2127)
Charles (Galton) Darwin letter Karl Pearson, lighthearted analysis by Darwin's grandson of the eugenic effects of his arranged marriage (10/17/1926), multiple pages (#2138)
Color inheritance in Indian corn (#590)
"Diagram Illustrating the Continuity of the Germ-Plasm and Consequently the Continuity of Ancestral Traits," adapted from Davenport (#1701)
Diagram of an apparatus to illustrate recombination and segregation (#502)
"Distribution of blue eye color" in the United States (#995)
Exhibit, "Color Inheritance in Guinea Pigs" (Mendelian pattern) (#1566)
"Eye Colors in Man," from The Trait Book, ERO Bulliten No. 6, by Charles B. Davenport (#1913)
Francis Galton letter to William Bateson, commenting that knowledge of heredity would be of little practical help to eugenics progress (6/12/1904) (#2201)
Fridtjof and Heljar Mj°en, sons Jon Alfred Mj°en, director of the Vindern Biological Laboratory (Oslo, Norway) (#1579)
Gregor Mendel's garden (#963)