Race Mixing and Marriage Laws
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"Chart IV: proportion of intermarriage among men and women of various nationalities in New York City 1908-1912" (#954)
"Classification standards," by Harry H. Laughlin, multiple pages (#1178)
C. M. Goethe letter to the Press about high Mexican birthrates, includes quote: "Peons multiply like rabbits" (#1049)
"Comparison of white and negro fetuses", multiple pages (#563)
"Crime and race descent," 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1072)
Critcal review of Mongrel Virginians, by Abraham Myerson, Mental Hygiene, multiple pages (#1330)
Critical review of Mongrel Virginians ("A really absurd and useless book"), by Abraham Myerson, Annals of the American Academy, multiple pages (#1328)
Data for Lawrence Phipps, in response to H. Laughlin's study on racial descent of U.S. senators (#1213)
"Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787", multiple pages (#1193)
Dick Johnson (pseudonym) of the Win Tribe, from Arthur Estabrook's scrapbook of field photographs from Amherst County, Virginia (#1260)
Difference between white and negro fetuses (#564)