Family Trait Forms
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"Average family" winner, Fitter Families Contest, Eastern States Exposition, Springfield, MA (1925): family examination summary (#168)
"Best couple," Fitter Families Contest, Texas State Fair (1925): family summary examination (#188)
Directions for completing schedule for Karl Pearson Study on "Hereditary Transmission of Disease and Temperament" (#1928)
Eugenics Record Office memo to high school teachers about conducting student pedigree studies in science classes (#1736)
Eugenics Record Office memo to instructors about using ERO trait forms for "required laboratory work in biology, sociology, and psychology" (#1735)
Eugenics registry of the Race Betterment Foundation, Battle Creek, MI, multiple pages (#200)
Family study, Eugenics Record Office "Individual Analysis Card" and submitted photos, multiple pages (#1691)
"Family-tree folder: Dressmakers", multiple pages (#48)
"Family-tree folder: Players of musical instruments", multiple pages (#42)
Family-tree folder recording inheritance of allergies, longevity, civic leadership, and other traits, multiple pages (#113)
Family tree folder recording inheritance of asthma, multiple pages (#106)