Eugenics Organizations
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Description of the American Breeders Association (ABA) (#411)
E.S. Gosney (Human Betterment Foundation) letter to L.I. Dublin (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company), about pending NY sterilization bill (5/8/1934) (#1752)
"Eugenics and Society" (The Galton Lecture given to the Eugenics Society), by Julian S. Huxley, Eugenics Review (vol 28:1), multiple pages (#1823)
"Eugenics, a subject for investigation rather than instruction," American Breeders Association Eugenics Section, multiple pages (#405)
Eugenics Education Society of New South Wales luncheon in honor of C.B. Davenport (standing 2nd from left), Sydney, Australia (9/25/1914) (#1768)
Eugenics field workers meeting notes about hereditary behavior, multiple pages (#331)
Eugenics Record Office, about 1925 (#1651)
Eugenics Record Office, Annual Meeting of the Eugenics Research Association, 1918 (Laughlin in front, Stewart House in background), multiple pages (#1664)
Eugenics Record Office, archives room with card index on far wall and field worker files on right (#1649)
Eugenics Record Office (ERO) soon after construction (#1648)
Eugenics Record Office, Field Worker Training Class (Davenport lecturing) (#1659)