Eugenics Goals and Education
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Advertisement for Racial Hygiene, for Eugenics' Book Club, Eugenics: A Journal of Race Betterment (vol II:8) (#1733)
American Eugenics Party pamphlet detailing their views, multiple pages (#756)
American Eugenics Party platform, multiple pages (#762)
American Eugenics Society, dinner invitation, program including Albert Wiggam and Frederick Osborn, New York (#1685)
American Eugenics Society exhibit at Sesquicentennial Exposition, Philadelphia ("Mendel's theater," center; guinea pig coat color, right) (#1565)
American Eugenics Society, invitation to "Conference on the Relation of Eugenics and the Church," including Albert Wiggam, New York (#1686)
American Eugenics Society, membership drive materials (cover letter to Albert Blakeslee, prospect list, and form letter), multiple pages (#1687)
American Eugenics Society, program for "Round Table Conferences and Annual Meeting," New York, 1936, multiple pages (#1683)
"A Practicable Eugenic Suggestion," by W. McDougal about incentives for positive eugenics (#2091)
Charles Davenport letter to Francis Galton, about opening the Eugenics Record Office and the debt to him as founder of eugenics (10/26/1910), multiple pages (#2094)
Charles Davenport letter to T.H. Morgan about American Breeders' Association symposium (#444)