Eugenics Goals and Education
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"Eugenics seeks to improve the natural, physical, mental and tempermental qualities of the human family," Eugenics Record Office, multiple pages (#248)
Eugenics tree logo (#233)
Exhibit, "Color Inheritance in Guinea Pigs" (Mendelian pattern) (#1566)
F. Galton letter to his cousin Edward, asking him to review his manuscript of "Kantysaywhere" and pass it on to Karl Pearson, multiple pages (#2106)
Francis Galton letter to William Bateson, commenting that knowledge of heredity would be of little practical help to eugenics progress (6/12/1904) (#2201)
Francis Galton's definition of eugenics (#921)
Franklin College's response to eugenics education survey, multiple pages (#240)
Handwritten proposal for issuing "eugenic certificates" to physically and mentally superior men aged 23-30, by Francis Galton, multiple pages (#2096)
"Human Sterilization," Human Betterment Foundation, multiple pages (#1753)
Eugenics: The Science of Human Improvement by Better Breeding, by Charles B. Davenport, multiple pages (#1702)
L. Darwin letter to K. Pearson about argument over publications (8/31/1916) (#2143)