Criticism of Eugenics
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H.S. Jennings letter to Science, about H. Laughlin's work on immigration, multiple pages (#1169)
"Intelligence of Nation Said to be Declining: Sterilization No Remedy," Daily Telegraph and Morning Post (1/13/1939) (#2241)
Lancelot Hogben letter to Lionel Penrose congratulating him on his Colchester survey as "prettiest story in genetics of mental conditions" (#2228)
L.C. Dunn letter to President Merriam, about eugenics in the U. S. and in Germany, multiple pages (#1092)
Lionel Penrose letter to Lancelot Hogben about early results from his Colchester survey suggesting non-hereditary factors in mental illness (7/19/32) (#2227)
Mary Dendy letter to Karl Pearson, about definitions and confusing terms used to grade feeble-mindedness (12/5/1912), multiple pages (#1942)
Mary Dendy letter to Karl Pearson, about difficulties in collecting pedigree data and interpreting disease traits in "defective children" (12/9/1906), multiple pages (#1931)
Mary Dendy letter to Karl Pearson, follow-up on definition of feeble-mindedness with reference to British eugenic legislation (12/5/1912) (#1941)
"On Catholicism, As Revealed in the latest Encyclical of His Holiness Pope Pius XI," Eugenics Review (vol 23:1), papal decree condemning eugenics, multiple pages (#1814)
"Plecker Aroused by Blow Aimed at Racial Law," NAACP criticism of W. Plecker's "propaganda" pamphlets, Richmond Times Dispatch (3/31/1925) (#1323)
"Proposed Clinic of Human Heredity," a plan prepared by Harry H. Laughlin as the basis for negotiations with the Carnegie Institution of Washington, multiple pages (#1795)