Mate Selection and Counseling
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Married vs. unmarried life preferences, multiple pages (#67)
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Second C. Davenport response to A. Sweetzer, about tall stature (#854)
Study of mate preferences, multiple pages (#65)
"The New Decalogue of Science," by Albert Edward Wiggam, multiple pages (#1349)
"The New Family and Race Improvement," by W.A. Plecker, Virginia Health Bulletin (vol.17:12), multiple pages (#1305)
"Unfit Human Traits" and "Triangle of Life." (#1568)
Virginia Act to Preserve Racial Integrity of 3/20/1924, multiple pages (#1239)
"Wanted: Better Babies: How Shall We Get Them?" by Ellsworth Huntington, Eugene Robison, Ray Erwin Baber, and Maurice R. Davie, People (April 1931), multiple pages (#1591)
"What Chance Have You To Marry?," by Fred Kelly, Ladies Home Journal, multiple pages (#63)