Field Notes and Student Work
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A.L. Treadwell, Vassar College, letter to Eugenics Record Office, about student pedigree of deafness and insanity ("queerness"), multiple pages (#53)
Anthropometric case materials on a Shinnecock Indian Family of Eastern Long Island (photographs, pedigree, field notes, and physical measurements) (#2486)
A student study of inheritance of an interest in carpentry (#51)
Callie Black (pseudonym) of the Win Tribe, from Arthur Estabrook's scrapbook of field photographs from Amherst County, Virginia (#1255)
Charles B. Davenport doing fieldwork in Leslie County, Kentucky, multiple pages (#1679)
Civil War veteran, field work for The Jukes in 1915, Arthur Estabrook photo post card from Ulster County, New York (#1278)
"Clinical and Field Studies of the 1921 Training Class," Eugenics Record Office, Eugenical News (vol. 6), multiple pages (#1885)
"Cold Spring Harbor: Meeting of Field Workers, June 23, 1915," notes including comments by C. Davenport, H. Laughlin, and A Rosanoff, multiple pages (#137)
"Consanguinity," student report, example 1 (#82)
"Consanguinity," student report, example 2 (#83)
"Cousin Marriage," student report (#81)