Circus Performers
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A group photo of circus acts (Congress of Freaks, Ringling Brothers Circus). (#1014)
Alice Bounds (Bear Lady) and Mother, with notes, circus acts (#754)
"Baby Doll and The Three Fat Brothers", circus acts (#751)
C. Davenport letter to R. Roy, about albinism (#871)
C. Davenport response to R. Roy, about albinism (#878)
"Chief Amok: A Bantos head hunter, The story of myself and my people, Dreamland Circus and Side Show, Coney Island, N.Y." (#727)
Chief Pantagal, circus performer, with hair color/texture pedigree and hair sample, multiple pages (#728)
C. Metz letter to H. Laughlin, about albinism (#879)
"Duchess Leona, Dreamland Circus side show, Coney Island, N.Y.," dwarfism (#846)
Dwarves and midgets, with notes, circus acts (#753)
G. Huber letter to C. Davenport, about albinism (#876)