German/Nazi Eugenics
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Male twins undergoing spirometry by Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer (#2267)
Nazi propaganda in Berlin storefront, including anthropometric device for measuring differences between Aryan & Non-Aryan skulls (by Roman Vishniac) (#1589)
Newspaper clipping about H. Laughlin's honorary degree from the University of Heidelberg (#1229)
"P. G," about German eugenics, multiple pages (#1036)
"The German Racial Policy," by C.G. Campbell, Eugenical News (vol.21:2), multiple pages (#1906)
"The German Sterilization Law," by Paul Popenoe, Journal of Heredity (vol. 25), multiple pages (#2308)
"Verschuer's Institute," Eugenical News (vol. 21), Otmar von Verscheur's move to the House of Folkhygiene in Frankfurt, Germany, multiple pages (#1911)