Francis Galton
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"A Diagram of Heredity," by Francis Galton, Nature (vol. 57:1474) (#2010)
Advertising piece for The Problem of the Feeble-Minded, by the Poor Law Commissioners (preface and order form) (#2086)
Anthropometric measurements of the human profile, Francis Galton notebook (#2092)
Anthropometry card of Francis Galton, with profile and full-face photos and spaces for key body measurements, taken by Alphonse Bertillon (#2004)
Busts of C. Darwin and F. Galton, 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1058)
Charles Davenport letter to Francis Galton, about opening the Eugenics Record Office and the debt to him as founder of eugenics (10/26/1910), multiple pages (#2094)
"Composite -- group of Irish high school students," composite portrait in the style of Francis Galton (#1027)
"Composite of the portraits of six members of the same family. By F. Galton. 1882." (#2220)
"Composite Portraits," by Francis Galton, multiple pages (#2192)
"Composite Portraits of Scientific Men," by Francis Galton, Science (5/8/1885) (#2216)
Composite portraits showing "features common among men convicted of crimes of violence," by Francis Galton, with original photographs, multiple pages (#2221)