Race and Ethnicity
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Adult male anthropometric cases, collected by Charles Davenport at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama (measurements and lineage forms), multiple pages (#2501)
Anthropometric case materials on a Shinnecock Indian Family of Eastern Long Island (photographs, pedigree, field notes, and physical measurements), multiple pages (#2484)
Book reviews of White America by Ernest S. Cox, multiple pages (#1300)
Brochure advertising Mongrel Virginians, by Arthur H. Estabrook and Ivan E. McDougle, multiple pages (#1325)
"Burglary and larceny, rankings of native whites of foreign parentage (#1248)
Burmese dwarf at Ellis Island (Photograph by Augustus Sherman) (#1537)
C.B. Davenport letter to S.A. Seigal (Haaren High School), about racial characteristics of various European groups (3/8/1933) (#1762)
"Comparative stature and measurements for white and colored soldiers" (#997)
"Composite -- group of Irish high school students," composite portrait in the style of Francis Galton (#1027)
Critcal review of Mongrel Virginians, by Abraham Myerson, Mental Hygiene, multiple pages (#1330)
Critical review of Mongrel Virginians ("A really absurd and useless book"), by Abraham Myerson, Annals of the American Academy, multiple pages (#1328)