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"Chart of the C____ Family," insanity and manic depression pedigree (#675)
Congenital cataract pedigree, multiple pages (#257)
Degenerate family pedigree, multiple pages (#389)
"Diagram Illustrating the Continuity of the Germ-Plasm and Consequently the Continuity of Ancestral Traits," adapted from Davenport (#1701)
"Enquiry as to albinism in man," appeal for pedigrees by Karl Pearson, E. Nettleship, and Edward Stainer (#1990)
Eugenics Record Office memo to high school teachers about conducting student pedigree studies in science classes (#1736)
Eugenics Record Office memo to instructors about using ERO trait forms for "required laboratory work in biology, sociology, and psychology" (#1735)
Eugenik: Erblehre, erbpflege (Eugenics: Hereditary teaching, preservation), October 1930, eugenicist Paul Popenoe with pedigree of black artists (#672)
"Family History of Louise Homer: Inheritance of musical talent" pedigree, family history, and newspaper photograph, multiple pages (#89)
"Family pedigree showing hereditary cataract" (#602)
Family photographs and pedigree from the Navajo Reservation, by Morris Steggerda, multiple pages (#2490)