Fitter Family Contests
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Eugenics: A Journal of Race Betterment (vol II:8), title page including Francis Galton's definition of eugenics and Fitter Families medal (#1724)
Eugenics Exhibit: Differential birth rates indicated by flashing light display (at Michigan Fitter Family Contest) (#6)
Examining staff for the Fitter Families Contest at Michigan State Fair. Leon F. Whitney (center) and Mary T. Watts (standing, third from right). (#17)
Fitter Families contestants at Georgia State Fair, Savannah (#190)
Fitter Families Contest at Michigan State Fair (#21)
"Fitter families examination, Kansas Free Fair, Topeka: Nervous and mental history (#191)
Fitter Families exhibit and examination building, Kansas State Free Fair, Topeka (#13)
Fitter Families exhibit/exam tent, Eastern States Exposition, Springfield, Massachusetts (#15)
"Fitter Families for Future Firesides: A report of the Eugenics Department of the Kansas Free Fair, 1920-1924", multiple pages (#193)
Flashing light exhibit at Fitter Families Contests (#5)
Flashing light sign exhibit, Fitter Families Contest (#9)