"Staff and members -- Dept. of Genetics, C. I. of W., May 12, 1934," Carnegie Institute of Washington, including C.B. Davenport and H.H. Laughlin
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The Harry H. Laughlin Papers, Truman State University, papers, C-2-4,19
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&quote;Staff and members -- Dept. of Genetics, C. I. of W., May 12, 1934,&quote; Carnegie Institute of Washington, including C.B. Davenport and H.H. Laughlin

[marginalia]O-2-4-9 HHL[ed marginalia] Staff and Members - Dept. of Genetics, C. J. of W., May 12, 1934. 1. Alice Gould Laanes 2. Ruth Miller 3. Ethel Burtch 4. Margaret Martin 5. Ethel I. Hunt 6. Martha Taylor 7. Margaret Hoover 8. Margaret Finley 9. Lillian Frink 10. Inger Andersen 11. Mary J. Holmes 12. Dr. Dorothy Bergner 13. Lincoln Cartledge 14. Dr. Robert Bates 15. Dr. M. Demerec 16. Dr. Oscar Riddle 17. Dr. A.F. Blakeslee 18. President, John R, Merriam 19. Director, Charles B. Davenport 20. Walter M. Gilbert 21. Dr. Harry H. Laughlin 22. Dr. Clarence Moran 23. Dr. James Potter 24. Dr. R.C. McDowell 25. Dr. Morris Steggerda 26. Merriam North 27. Gwendolyn Smith 28. Elizabeth McKee 29. J.D. McGlohon 30. Madeleine Wilkins 31. Gabriel A. Lebedeff 32. Margaret Kaylor Kuntz 33. Eunice White 34. Mrs. Isabel Griffin 35. Mrs. Harriet Smart 36. Jennie Schultz 37. Mrs. L. Carteledge 38. Amos Avery 39. Mrs. Amos Avery 40. Catherine Carley 41. Edith Harrigan 42. Alice Hellmer 43. Mrs. Hilda W[umlaut]ullen 44. George W. Macarthur 45. William Murray 46. Leslie E. Peckham 47. Dr. Benjamin Speicher 48. Theophil Laanes 49. Floyd Matson 50. James J. Banta 51. E. L. Lahr 52. J. P. Schooley 53. George A. Smith 54. William Dragon 55. Louis Stillwell 56. William Schneider 57. Paul O. Holm 58. William Fagan 59. Peter Campbell 60. Edward Burns 61. Mrs. John Buccuris 62. John Buccuris 63. Stanley Brooks 64. John N. Johnson 65. Clifford Valentine 66. Harry White 67. Dominica Sepe.

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