"Composite portraiture," Fig. 35
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Cold Spring Harbor, E.06 Eug-2, Exhibits Book-Second Int.Ex. Of Eugenics,pg 130
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&quote;Composite portraiture,&quote; Fig. 35

Fig. 35. Composite Portraiture Composite photographs largely made by the late Henry P. Bowditch of Boston. First row: Left upper: 60 Wellesley College students. Left lower: Class of '87, Vassar College. 12 Wends and composite. 12 Portland (Me.) physicians and composite. 12 Saxons and composite. Second row: College men from Harvard, Amherst, 449 components. Co-composite, Harvard Annex, Smith, etc., 287 components. Harvard Class of 1887, 156 members. 12 Horse-car drivers. General paresis, 8 components (5 men and 3 women), 11 Mathematicians. Amherst Class of 1887, 71 components. Williams College, 57 components. 16 Naturalists. Third row: Women's Medical College, 1887, 38 components. Component three members of Bowditch family. 12 Boston Doctors and composite. Mt. Holyoke class of 1887, 47 components. Harvard Annex, 1887, 47 components. Smith, 1887, 38 components. Fourth row: Horse-car conductors, 12 components. Sheffield Scientific School, Class of 1887. Cornell, 1887, 65 men, 5 women. 30 Members of the National Academy of Science. Melancholia, 8 components. Harvard Faculty, 1887, 38 components. Bottom row: Upper left: 12 Portland doctors and composite. Lower left: 12 Horse-car drivers, Boston '88, 12 Saxons and composite, 12 Wends and composite, 12 Saxons and composite.

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