ID# 1285:
Prison mug shot of VI153 and corresponding entry in Estabrook's typescript "The Jukes Data" (photo laid in Estabrook's copy of R. Dugdale's The Jukes)
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University of Albany, SUNY, Estabrook, SPE,XMS 80.9 Bx 1 folder 1-28
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1285. VI[handwritten '153'] [obscured]. Bastard. B. 1885, July 22.Indian Fields, Conn. Very beautiful child. Attractive, not bad actor in school, Danbury; did fair to poor work in school; very pleasant to one's face but treacherous otherwise; defective makeup; 1895, age lo, county home, Norwalk, ran away; 11, incorrigible, Meriden Industrial School, May 26, 1896, paroled to step father, June 7, '02; Apr. 22, '02, breach of peace, fined $3.; Danbury. May 22, '03, burglay[sic], $500. to Superior court at Bridgeport; Sept. '03, statutory bur., c.j., 2 mo. Bridgeport; Apr. 25, '04, bur. $500., bond to Superior Ct., Bridgeport, May., '04., statutory bur., minor being under 21., 1 y., c.j., and fine $72.96. Dec 12, 1905, bur., Danbury, to Superior Ct., $800., bond; May 22, '06, statutory bur., minor, 2 mo., c.j., and $31.55. Oct 27, '06, Superior Ct., ass., intent to kill, $1500., bonds; Oct 15, '07., Superior Ct., ass., with intent to kill, 10 to 15 yrs. States prison; died Aug. 9, 1912, States prison, exhaustion and pulmonary tuberculosis. Long ramus of the jaw. [end]
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