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Isaac Costa letter to Karl Pearson, about race mixing in Jamaica with reference to mulatto "just under your nose" (10/3/1908)
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University College London, KP, 382

Isaac Costa letter to Karl Pearson, about race mixing in Jamaica with reference to mulatto &quote;just under your nose&quote; (10/3/1908)

[handwritten letter continued] But I have never seen any reversion to the white or negro type in a genuine mulatto, and I have come in contact with hundreds of them. The yellow mulatto is comparatively uncommon here; roughly speaking, I should say under 15% of all mulattos. 2) "Mulatto + white gives a quadroon. Is this again a blend? Our theorists would say it must consist in half whites & half mulattos in number. I should have thought that the quadroon was lighter in skin than the mulatto &c ... that pure white skins did not occur in 50% of quadroons." K.P. Now, with the small exception of the yellow mulatto, the quadroon is almost invariably lighter in colour than the brown mulatto, and one is safe in saying that the quadroon is nearly always 90% whiter than even the yellow mulatto. [underscore]Pure white skins do not occur in quadroons.[end underscore] This statement is dogmatic, & true. 3) "Mulatto + negro. Is this again on the whole a blend rather darker than mulatto? Our theorists would say that 50% of the offspring were pure mulattos & 50% negroes in skin colour." K.P. The mulatto and negro produce what is called here the 'Sambo'; a deep rich mahogany brown, and they produce nothing else. They do not produce mulattos, nor do they produce negroes. The type is very distinct, and there is, so far as my experience goes, no reversion either to [end]

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