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Charles Davenport letter to Mrs. E.H. Harriman about recruitment of first class
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27.,Harriman, Mrs. E.H.

Charles Davenport letter to Mrs. E.H. Harriman about recruitment of first class

2. records at Matteawan. Dr. Lamb then showed us over the entire institution and made us acquainted with different types of insanity present there. From Matteawan we went to Millerton, New York, where we passed the night. We visited an albino family with whom I was acquainted, before breakfast and we were very cordially received. After breakfast we drove to Lakeville where is located the only State school for feeble-minded in Connecticut. We were shown over the entire institution and the records were turned over to us and the class copied the essential points in the entire records during the next two hours. We are now plotting on a map of Connecticut the distribution of birth-place of inmates of this institution. Already it is very striking how the density of the feeble-minded population is not at all the same as that of the population at large. A rural community without any large towns has sent as many feeble minded to this institution as a city of 100,000 inhabitants. From Lakeville we returned to Cold Spring Harbor. We feel that the entire trip was of the greatest value, both because it acquainted us in a practical and vivid way with the characteristics to be studied and because it brought us into sympathetic relations with persons whose assistance means success of our work, while their opposition might mean its failure. Owing to the fact that some of the class have been late in coming we have saved money in scholarships and, in an account just sent Mr. Tegethoff, I have entered the expenses of this field trip in lieu of part of the scholarship money believing that this is in accordance with your wishes as long as we do not exceed the fund set aside by you for the purpose of this class. I am quite convinced that Mr. Laughlin is our man for superintendent of the work. Dr. Jordan who visited me Sunday, was so much pleased with him that, I suspect he wanted to steal him from us for Stanford University! It is only due to Professor Laughlin and to his school that he should be informed of our plans for the future and should receive a definite offer so that he can decide and if he decides to remain with us that he can resign from the Missouri Normal School in time to appoint a successor before school reopens. Do you wish first to see Mr.

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