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Charles Davenport letter to Mrs. E.H. Harriman about recruitment of first class
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27.,Harriman, Mrs. E.H.

Charles Davenport letter to Mrs. E.H. Harriman about recruitment of first class

3. Laughlin or do you authorize me to offer Mr. Laughlin $2400 a year for the first year and inform Mr. Laughlin that this appointment is made for ten years with the expectation that, everything being satisfactory, it will be continued beyond that period. I presume Mr. Laughlin would hardly consider giving up his present position without an assurance of permanency in any position. I find six excellent persons in our class every one of whom I am sure would do his or her utmost. They are: Dr. Arthur H. Estabrook, graduate of Johns Hopkins University whom I plan putting upon the Matteawan records; Miss Amey B. Eaton, a student of Radcliffe and graduate of Brown University. She lives in Providence where her father is one of the most highly esteemed and active citizens. She will probably be in reserve for special assignments. Miss Helen Reeves of Bridgeton, New Jersey who has been associated with Dr. Johnstone. She will probably go to Vineland to work under the joint direction of Dr. Goddard and myself. Mrs. Mary D. Graebe who is nominated by Dr. Healy of the Juvenile Psychopathic Institute of Chicago where she will return to work under the joint direction of Dr. Healy and myself. Miss Florence H. Danielson, graduate of Brown University whom I plan to set to work on the pedigrees of imbeciles in Connecticut. Dr. Edith N. Buckingham ( who is considering the matter but has not decided), a graduate of Radcliffe college whom I should like to have study consanguinity and its effects in Eastern Massachusetts. Would you authorize me to offer these six persons $75 a month and traveling expenses beginning October first? The matter is rather pressing now since some of them are considering other opportunities. Of the other three members of the class two will have appointments elsewhere to do the field work being paid from outside sources. The remaining one is an instructor in Dartmouth and will probably continue his work there. I believe it will not be necessary to appoint any of these six field workers for a longer period then one year. Sincerely yours, [signed] Chas B Davenport

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