ID# 481:
"Notes on the history of the Eugenics Record Office"
Circa 1940
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27.,Notes on History

&quote;Notes on the history of the Eugenics Record Office&quote;

5 Summary to Dec. 31, 1939 - Costs and Inventory, Eugenics Record Office. I. Gross Costs Costs of the Eugenics Record Office from its establishment October 1, 1910 to "closed-for-inventory" December 31, 1939. (a) "The Harriman period" - 7 years and 3 months, cost for endowment, plant, equipment and maintenance...$546,832.82 (b) "The First Carnegie period," Total cost during the 22 years...474,014.69 Total gross cost for 29 years, 3 months...$1,020,847.51 II. Inventory of Eugenics Record Office as a working institution as of December 31, 1939. (a) Value of plant: Estimated and computed by L.E. Peckham, Chief Clerk of the Eugenics Record Office as of December 31, 1939 (date closed) (1) Land, 74.85 acres (would be assessed for tax purposes if privately owned - real value much greater) ...149,700.00 (2) Buildings: a. Concrete vault "Original E.R.O." (cost) ...1,152.82 b. Office and laboratory, (cost)...15,000.00 c. Residence, barn, garage (Est.)...15,000.00 Total...31,152.82 (3) Equipment: (approximate value) a. Furniture and filing cabinets...6,554.00 b. Office machines (typewriters, mimeographs, etc.)... 1,200.00 c. Office supplies (paper, printed schedules, etc.)...700.00 d. Reference library (2,756 books not in Archives)...8,268.00 e. Publications (sale price) ...1,200.00 f. Exhibits in storage...5,000.00 g. Instruments and tools...600.00 Total ...23,522.00 Total present value of plant...204,374.82 (b) Value of Archives Inventory made by Margaret Martin, Archivist-aide, as of July 1, 1939. Estimated value of the first-hand eugenical records, based on direct cost of reproduction by a working organization nor including overhead cost...200,000.00 (c ) Harriman Endowment...300,000.00 Total Inventory: Present value of (a) plant, (b) Archives, and (c ) endowment...704,374.82 III. Net cost of researches from establishment to "closed-for-inventory," 29 years, 3 months. Total money expended for Eugenics Record Office (Item I above) minus Total Inventory for 1939 (Item II above)...316,472.69

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