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"Notes on the history of the Eugenics Record Office"
Circa 1940
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27.,Notes on History

&quote;Notes on the history of the Eugenics Record Office&quote;

Eugenics Record Office Notes and Comments on Costs and Inventory as of December 31, 1939 I. This figure $316,472.69 (last item on preceding page) is the net cost of the Eugenics Record Office for its part in laying the foundations for the science in the field of eugenics and in carrying on its first researches. This sum covers the cost of (1) organization, (2) equipment of the laboratory and office, (3) the collection and analysis of firsthand records on (a) hereditary traits in man, (b) human migration, (c ) mate selection, (d) differential fecundity and survival, (4) work on the standardization of trait-measures and methods of study, and (5) the training of field investigators and analysts in the newly organized fields of investigation. This net cost is distributed over twenty-nine years, three months, - that is, 351 months - and represents roughly a net cost of $1,000 per month. If, for the period during which the Eugenics Record Office has been administered by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, the exact income from the Harriman endowment were subtracted from the exact costs of the Eugenics Record Office, the net cost of the Eugenics Record Office to the Carnegie Institution of Washington would be very small. The Carnegie Institution, in accepting this gift (see page 17, Year Book 17 for 1918), like a university in accepting an endowment, undertook a definite trust. The total gross costs - a little over a million dollars - of the Eugenics Record Office during the first generation of its existence, Nov. (1939) fall roughly into four equal assets: First, one quarter to the value of the plant as shown by inventory; second, one quarter to the value of the archives; third, one quarter to the Harriman endowment fund; and fourth, one quarter to net cost-value of researches.

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