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"Gifts received by the Station for Experimental Evolution, May 1, 1904 to Oct. 1, 1905"
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27,Ser 2,CSH-ERO

&quote;Gifts received by the Station for Experimental Evolution, May 1, 1904 to Oct. 1, 1905&quote;

(flows to 511 and 512.) Gifts received by Station for Experimental Evolution, May 1, 1904 to Oct. 1, 1905. H.T. and A.H. Fru[illegible]ll, Huntington, Long Id. Gaillardia sp. seeds. B.D. Halsted, New Brunswick, N.J., Seeds of Lycopersium solanopsis ("Washington" tomato). A.G. Mayer, Seeds and dried specimens of Suirlax[?] spp. New York Botanical Garden, New York Cy., N.Y., Seeds of Aquilegia Cauardensis L., Barbarea sp., Bursa Hergeri[?](Sohus), Chamaeuerion augustifolium (L) Scorp., Epilobium sp., Helianthus annuus L., H. debilis H. petiolaris Nutt., Kueiffis pumila (L.) Spach, Oenothera Lamarckiana Ser., O. rubrinervis de Vries, Pentstemon Pentstemon (L.) Britton, Viola arvensis L., V. Brittoniana Pollard, V. emarginata (Nutt.) LeCoute, V. fimbriatula, J.E. Smith, V. Mulfordine Pollard, V. papilionacea Pursh, V. papilionacea domestica (Bicknell) Pollard, V. J.H. Painter, U.S. National Museum, Washington, D.C. Seeds of Mimulus ringeus L. A.S. Pease, Seeds of Allium Sibiricum L., Arabis hirsute (L.) Scop., Armeria versua L., Cerastium alpinum L., Chamaeuerion latifolium (L.) Sweet, Collumia linearis Nutt., Draba incaua L., D. incaua arabisans (Mx.) S. Watson, Euphrasia Randii, Geutiana acuta Mx., Lappula Americana (A. Gr.) [struckout] Rydh., Lobelia Kalmii L., Nabalus tri-

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