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"Family History of Louise Homer: Inheritance of musical talent" pedigree, family history, and newspaper photograph
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&quote;Family History of Louise Homer: Inheritance of musical talent&quote; pedigree, family history, and newspaper photograph

Sep 10 1920 Family History of Louise Homer By Margaret Kesler. Sources of Information 1. Mrs. Wm. C. Husted, Reliable. 2. Margaret Kesler, Reliable. Family History. On the father's side a long line of Presbyterian ministers - splendid voices - many of relatives sang in choirs. Mother descended from Robert Fulton family. Great deal of musical talent - only one member of the family non-musical, Wm. Beatty II-6. It is a family one would love to study - handsome men and women with well-planned lives, leaders in business, religious life, and education in their communities. An interesting incident is told of an anniversary given in their father's church when Louise Homer, the propositus, hurried away between engagements on her concert tour to meet her sisters Elizabeth and Sarah, and her daughter Louise. They sang a trio, the sister Sarah playing the organ in the old home church - the trio sung by Louise, (mother), Louise (daughter), and Elizabeth Barrows (II-11). Propositus. II-9, Louise Homer. Grand opera singer. Had beautiful voice as girl. Husband encouraged her. When her oldest daughter was six months old, they went to Europe. Louise studying French and German dramatic art and voice. Despite all her work in the opera and her necessary practice she has been first of all a devoted mother, and has only let her voice take second place. Wonderful physique has helped to carry her through her remarkable career.

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