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C. M. Goethe letter about French and German eugenics laws (#1038)
C. M. Goethe letter to the Press about high Mexican birthrates, includes quote: "Peons multiply like rabbits" (#1049)
Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, research study on immigration, multiple pages (#1200)
"Continental United States population per square mile: 1790-1920" (#939)
Docking of steamship Carmania in New York (#1546)
Doctor examining alien immigrants at Ellis Island (#1504)
Doctor examining eyes of immigrant woman at Ellis Island (#1508)
Dutch children at Ellis Island (Photograph by Augustus Sherman) (#1542)
Eastern European immigrant at Ellis Island (Photograph by Augustus Sherman) (#1531)
English family at Ellis Island (Photograph by Augustus Sherman) (#1536)
"Estimate of comparative natural intelligence of the total white and foreign-born population of the United States" (#933)