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"An appeal to friends of Scandinavian immigration", multiple pages (#382)
"Approximate fecundity indices of American women by nativity for the decade 1910-1920," about immigration (#934)
"Biological aspects of immigration," Harry H. Laughlin testimony before the House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, multiple pages (#1113)
"Birth Control and the Racial Future," by Frank H. Hankins, People (April 1931), multiple pages (#1598)
"Brains and the immigrant," by Melville Herskovits, The Nation, multiple pages (#386)
Browning Arms Company letter to H. Laughlin about research study on immigration (#1204)
Burmese dwarf at Ellis Island (Photograph by Augustus Sherman) (#1537)
C. Davenport letter to L. Barker about E. Cheever's criticisms of H. Laughlin's views on immigration, multiple pages (#1174)
"Chart IV: proportion of intermarriage among men and women of various nationalities in New York City 1908-1912" (#954)
"Classification standards," by Harry H. Laughlin, multiple pages (#1178)
C. M. Goethe letter about French and German eugenics laws (#1038)