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A. Estabrook letter to H. Laughlin about Jukes pedigree (#102)
A. Johnson letter to H. Laughlin about presenting prison data before Committee on Immigration (#1042)
Alphonse Bertillon's measurement card, done according to his own system for criminal anthropometry, multiple pages (#2214)
"Analysis of America's Modern Melting Pot," Harry H. Laughlin testimony before the House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, multiple pages (#1123)
"Burglary and larceny, rankings of native whites of foreign parentage (#1248)
Case study of Buster, 10-month old "offspring of crime and insanity," cover letter and photos documenting his rehabilitation over 10 years, multiple pages (#91)
Clinton Prison, Dannemora, New York, from Arthur Estabrook's field photographs for The Jukes in 1915 (#1275)
Composite portraits showing "features common among men convicted of crimes of violence," by Francis Galton, with original photographs, multiple pages (#2221)
"Crime and race descent," 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1072)
Eugenics and sex harmony: The sexes, their relations and problems, by H.H. Rubin (#663)
"Europe as an emigrant-exporting continent," Harry H. Laughlin testimony before the House Committee, including Immigration Restriction Act, multiple pages (#1140)