Poverty and Degeneracy
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Advertising piece for The Problem of the Feeble-Minded, by the Poor Law Commissioners (preface and order form) (#2086)
A. Estabrook letter to H. Laughlin about Jukes pedigree (#102)
A. Estabrook response to E.R. Evans, about the "possible inheritance of eroticism" in adopted child VI 89 of the Nam lineage (2/17/1917) (#1452)
Arthur H. Estabrook (#378)
"Birth Control and the Racial Future," by Frank H. Hankins, People (April 1931), multiple pages (#1598)
Brochure advertising Mongrel Virginians, by Arthur H. Estabrook and Ivan E. McDougle, multiple pages (#1325)
Callie Black (pseudonym) of the Win Tribe, from Arthur Estabrook's scrapbook of field photographs from Amherst County, Virginia (#1255)
Case study of eroticism, example 1 (#687)
Case study of eroticism, example 2 (#688)
Case study of eroticism, example 3 (#689)
Civil War veteran, field work for The Jukes in 1915, Arthur Estabrook photo post card from Ulster County, New York (#1278)