International Eugenics
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"Eugenical Sterilization in Germany," Eugenical News (vol. 18:5), commentary and full translation of the German sterilization statute of 1933, multiple pages (#1901)
"Eugenics and Society" (The Galton Lecture given to the Eugenics Society), by Julian S. Huxley, Eugenics Review (vol 28:1), multiple pages (#1823)
Eugenics Education Society of New South Wales luncheon in honor of C.B. Davenport (standing 2nd from left), Sydney, Australia (9/25/1914) (#1768)
"Eugenics in Austria," Eugenics Review (vol. 26:4), highlighting the moderating influence of Catholicism on eugenic programs, multiple pages (#1914)
"Eugenics in Norway," by C.B.S. Hodson, Eugenics Review (vol. 27:1), multiple pages (#1857)
"Eugenics, Socialism, and Capitalism," Eugenics Review (vol. 27), Julian Huxley's comments on heredity and environment (#1861)
Fridtjof and Heljar Mj°en, sons Jon Alfred Mj°en, director of the Vindern Biological Laboratory (Oslo, Norway) (#1579)
"German Eugenics in Practice," by Eliot Slater, Eugenics Review (vol. 27:4), ambivalent review of sterilization and marriage laws, multiple pages (#1862)
"German-Irish mixture," composite portrait in the style of Franics Galton (#1030)
German letter from Heidelberg about H. Laughlin's honorary degree (#1222)
G. von Hoffmann letter to H. Laughlin in praise of his goals on sterilization, multiple pages (#1155)