International Eugenics
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G. von Hoffmann letter to H. Laughlin in praise of his goals on sterilization, multiple pages (#1155)
H. Laughlin letter to C. Schneider acknowledging honorary degree from the University of Heidelberg (#1221)
Invitation to Harry Laughlin to attend the 550th Jubilee of University of Heidelberg (at which he was conferred an honorary degree). (#1223)
The Swedish Nation, cover (#1630)
The Swedish Nation, "Folk and Race-Types" (Nordic, mixed-race, Finnish, Lapp, Lappic mixed-race, Walloon), multiple pages (#1634)
The Swedish Nation, pedigree of epilepsy in Swedish farmer lineage (#1633)
The Swedish Nation, "Racial Elements in Sweden" (Nordic, Finnish, Lapp, foreign), multiple pages (#1643)
The Swedish Nation, "The Swedish State-Institute for Race-Biological Investigation: An Account of its Origin" by Hjalmar Anderson, multiple pages (#1631)
Jon Alfred Mj°en, director of the Vindern Biological Laboratory (Oslo, Norway) explaining pedigree to children Heljar, Sonja, and Fridtjof (#1580)
Kaiser Wilhelm Institute exhibit on population studies in Germany, 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1069)
Kaiser Wilhelm Institute twin study, 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1074)