Criticism of Eugenics
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Albert F. Blakeslee memo about procedures for answering mail after closure of the Eugenics Record Office (#1682)
C. Davenport letter to M. Steggerda, "human genetics" replaces eugenics and "race crossing" is discouraged in a review of a research plan (5/25/1940), multiple pages (#2479)
Critcal review of Mongrel Virginians, by Abraham Myerson, Mental Hygiene, multiple pages (#1330)
Critical review of Mongrel Virginians ("A really absurd and useless book"), by Abraham Myerson, Annals of the American Academy, multiple pages (#1328)
"Eugenics and Society" (The Galton Lecture given to the Eugenics Society), by Julian S. Huxley, Eugenics Review (vol 28:1), multiple pages (#1823)
"Eugenics in Austria," Eugenics Review (vol. 26:4), highlighting the moderating influence of Catholicism on eugenic programs, multiple pages (#1914)
Eugenics Research Association, notice of special meeting to change name to Association for Research in Human Heredity (#1690)
"Genes and Eugenics," New York Times (8/24/1932), critical review of Third International Eugenics Congress (#1805)
H. Laughlin draft of letter to Carniegie Insitution of Washington President J.C. Merriam, defending his lobbying for immigration restriction in Cuba (#1110)
"Holds Capitalism Bars Eugenic Goal," New York Times (8/24/1932), review of H.J. Muller's paper at the Third International Eugenics Congress (#1807)
H.S. Jennings letter to Science, about H. Laughlin's work on immigration, multiple pages (#1169)