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"A family with cancer. Mother and six children died of cancer," pedigree and family history of stomach cancer, multiple pages (#108)
"A famous American family of geniuses. Traits displayed -- 1. Mechnical skill 2. Artistic temperament" (#1001)
Albinism pedigree by Charles Davenport (#287)
A.L. Treadwell, Vassar College, letter to Eugenics Record Office, about student pedigree of deafness and insanity ("queerness"), multiple pages (#53)
"Another Wooly-Hair Mutation in Man," by C.Ph. Schokking, Journal of Heredity (vol. 25), multiple pages (#2312)
Anthropometric case materials on a Shinnecock Indian Family of Eastern Long Island (photographs, pedigree, field notes, and physical measurements), multiple pages (#2484)
A student study of inheritance of an interest in carpentry (#51)
Blindness pedigree from the records of the Perkins Institution, multiple pages (#234)
Boat builder pedigree (#290)
Brief instructions for charting (crib sheet for doing a human pedigree) (#922)
"Chart of the C____ Family," insanity and manic depression pedigree (#675)