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"A famous American family of geniuses. Traits displayed -- 1. Mechnical skill 2. Artistic temperament" (#1001)
"A Great Hyperkinetic," Eugenical News (vol. 5:11), biography of Theodore Roosevelt including reference to his political relatives, multiple pages (#1882)
"Allen family concert orchestra, featuring Master Harry Allen, world's greatest musical wonder" (#693)
"A Person who writes Backwards," handwritten report with photo and writing samples, conducted in Jamaica by Morris Steggerda, multiple pages (#2377)
"Approaching extinction of Mayflower descendants" (#549)
A student study of inheritance of an interest in carpentry (#51)
Boat builder pedigree (#290)
Browning Arms Company letter to H. Laughlin about research study on immigration (#1204)
C.B. Davenport response to C.M. Pomerat, about measurements for a study of "crural index" (leg length) and athletic ability (8/26/1933) (#1764)
C.B. Davenport response to T.J. Harris, about hereditary genius (4/6/1934) (#1751)
C. Bruce letter to H. Laughlin objecting to the racial descent study of U.S. senators (#1215)