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C. Bruce letter to H. Laughlin objecting to the racial descent study of U.S. senators (#1215)
C. Davenport letter to Babbott, author of "The Senate is Still Nordic" (#1196)
C.M. Pomerat letter to C.B. Davenport, about a study of the relationship between "crural index" (leg length) and athletic ability (#1763)
Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, research study on immigration, multiple pages (#1200)
"Curves showing the ages at death among different classes of highly eminent men," from Francis Galton's notes for Hereditary Genius (#2033)
Data for Lawrence Phipps, in response to H. Laughlin's study on racial descent of U.S. senators (#1213)
"Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787", multiple pages (#1193)
"Eugenical Sterilization in Germany," Eugenical News (vol. 18:5), commentary and full translation of the German sterilization statute of 1933, multiple pages (#1901)
(Eugenic Record Office) Director letter to John Allen about participating in a study of the inheritance of musical ability (#692)
Eugenik: Erblehre, erbpflege (Eugenics: Hereditary teaching, preservation), October 1930, eugenicist Paul Popenoe with pedigree of black artists (#672)
Exhibit on the sense of elegance in fur feeling, 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1077)