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Exhibit on the sense of elegance in fur feeling, 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1077)
"Family History of Louise Homer: Inheritance of musical talent" pedigree, family history, and newspaper photograph, multiple pages (#89)
"Family-tree folder: Dressmakers", multiple pages (#48)
"Family-tree folder: Players of musical instruments", multiple pages (#42)
Family tree folder recording inheritance of mathematical and musical ability, multiple pages (#104)
"Fragment of Dwight family: inherited scholarship" (#1000)
Francis Galton's rough-bound notes for biographies in Hereditary Genius, selected pages including Aristotle and Francis Bacon, multiple pages (#2036)
General view of pedigree exhibit on T. Roosevelt, G. Washington, A. Lincoln, 3rd International Eugenics Conference (#1060)
"Heredity of musical ability," Fig. 19, multiple pages (#558)
H. Laughlin letter to O. Underwood, about European racial descent of Underwood (#1211)
H. Laughlin letter to Senator Ernst, about Ernst's failure to respond to Senator survey (#1212)