Fitter Family Contests
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4-H Girls Club, "Winners in preliminary contest with examiners" (including Mary T. Watts), Anderson County, IA (#25)
"Adjudged the most perfect baby in the Panama Canal Zone" (#972)
Assessment of families at Battle Creek Fitter Families contest (#764)
"Average family" winner, Fitter Families Contest, Eastern States Exposition, Springfield, MA (1925): family examination summary (#168)
Average Family Winner, Fitter Family Contest, Eastern States Exposition (#22)
"Best couple," Fitter Families Contest, Texas State Fair (1925): family summary examination (#188)
"Best couple" with trophy, Fitter Families Contest, Texas State Fair (1925) (#29)
Eastern States Exposition, Springfield, Massachusetts, boys looking at flashing light sign (#16)
"Eugenic and Health Exhibit," Fitter Families exhibit and examination building, Kansas State Free Fair (#12)
Eugenic and Health Exhibit, Kansas State Free Fair (#1563)
Eugenics: A Journal of Race Betterment (vol II:8), title page including Francis Galton's definition of eugenics and Fitter Families medal (#1724)